Vocational Training

Vocational Training

According to a recent report (2018) generated by World Poverty Clock, India had 70.6 million people living in extreme poverty, which is like 5% of India’s total population. Though it is expected that by 2021, the percentage is going down as lower as 3%, we must act together in order to make this stats possible in reality. In such condition, vocational training course is nothing less than a blessing to the people who are willing to make their life better, especially women.

Women in India are given less opportunity for education and neglected in all sorts of ways. Rampant child marriages and negative attitude to the girl children are cause for this. Yet in many cases, women bear the burden of looking after the family financially. Many women are abandoned by their husbands and they are to look after their children alone. They are, most of the times, forced as the slave and bonded labour in organized and disorganized sectors and as domestic help.

Sometimes, they face acute exploitation in their choice of profession. Many women are left with no choice but to take up prostitution for survival. Since they have little or no schooling, women find it hard to get out of this terrible oppression. For all these women vocational training provides a golden opportunity to quickly learn a skill and earn a healthy and reasonable livelihood for a dignified life.

Rescue and Relief Foundation has taken bold initiatives to advance vocational training for underprivileged women in villages which are far away from cities and where development is still at a very low ebb. Also it is helping in partnership projects to give vocational training to the victims of girl child trafficking to find a foot hold in life and be rehabilitated in the mainstream of society.

In Ramkrishnapur village near Sason, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal R&R has started its Vocational Training Centre where Six projects are currently running. These projects are Sewing, Mobile Repairing, Computer Learning, Physiotherapy, Electrical and Nursing respectively.

Every project has several students and they are learning with dedication. There are 15 people in Sewing, 15 people in Mobile Repairing, 8 people in Physiotherapy, 12 people in Electrical and 22 people in Nursing course. In the near future, we aim to expand our Vocational Training facility and add more such courses which will help our society to drive towards progression. The enthusiasm for these projects is great and many more women want to join the project for learning. These women are not only earning for themselves but also have become examples for the other women in the neighbourhood who are in dire need for money. With your help we want to spread this project to neighbouring areas too in near future.

R&R is aiding in providing vocational training of different kinds to girl child victims of human trafficking through its partner projects in Narendrapur. The girls are given training in sewing, embroidery making, block printing, making ladies bags and food items etc. Quality products are made through their efforts which are sold through different channels including a direct outlet. This earns a significant amount of money or running of the home for these girls.

Rescue and Relief Foundation is planning to sell products made by tailoring training centre at Ramkrishnapur village (Kurtis for women and children garments) through online e commerce web portals. It will create for big market for these products and many more women will be helped by the effort.