Cancer Care

Medical Support for Cancer Patients

Cancer is beginning to be one of the major life takers of all diseases in India. An estimated 2.5 million people are affected with cancer in India, with 7 lakh new patients registering every year. There are 5,56,400 cancer related death each year.* Cancer is terribly painful physically and mentally devastating both for the patients and their guardians and relatives. The cost of treating cancer is immense and out of the reach for the poor. Cancer deaths are also caused by late detection and lack of awareness. For all these reasons cancer survival rate in India is less than half of that in advanced countries in many types of cancers. So the need is both for financial and emotional help. There is need for raising awareness for early detection of cancer thereby saving lives.

Rescue and Relief Foundation is providing help in all these areas particularly to underprivileged children affected with cancer.

  1. Funds are provided to poor people for medical examinations needed for cancer so that cancer is detected early and all the expensive examinations are done properly.
  2. We promote awareness campaigns for early detection of cancer.
  3. We also support palliative treatment for cancer which helps to lessen pain and trauma due to very painful treatment processes like surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantations.
  4. We help organizing forums for mental support for the cancer patients and their parents, relatives and guardians.

Rescue and Relief Foundation is also supporting Cancer Fight Foundation in treating cancer patients in following way:

  1. It is providing support for treating child patients affected with cancer in 9 beds in a renowned cancer Hospital at Kolkata. The patients are of very tender age (aged 7-8 months). Because of these their parents have to live with these children in the vicinity of the hospital. R&R is helping in providing the poor parents of these children with semi skilled labor jobs in close locality of the treatment zone.
  2. R&R is supporting treatment in 4 beds for underprivileged patients affected with very painful colon cancer at another cancer hospital at Kolkata.

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